Rescuing data from offline sites

Dump localStorage and indexedDB when the site is inaccessible

Tutorial Web Browser

Differences in AMD P-State modes after kernel 6.3

Trying to summarise it for your info

Note Linux Power

Fix Docker 'input device is not a TTY' elegantly

Satisfy its needs instead of remove -t switch

Note Linux Shell Docker

在 2023 年评测前端静态资源公共 CDN


Tutorial Note Web

Recording + streaming on Wayland

Use OBS, WebRTC or FFMpeg kmsgrab

Note Tutorial Linux

kk 对耳机主动降噪功能的体验与评价


Note Audio

无需 node-gyp 的 Node.js 原生插件

600 KiB 依赖, 任意编译器, 以及额外的无需 NAPI 的方法

Code JavaScript CPP

Node.js native addon without node-gyp

600 KiB deps, any compiler, and extra methods without NAPI

Code JavaScript CPP

独立便携版 MSVC

用于测试,CI 等

Note C CPP

Standalone and portable MSVC

For testing, CI and more

Note C CPP