Draft of Mono Client Project

Only a draft for fun

Note Linux

Right path to use new glibc on old Linux

The easy path, best practice

Note Linux

Linux 笔电的所谓省电技巧


Note Linux

Android 腾讯 TIM 迁移 QQ 指北


Note Android Linux

消费级 Android on Windows 是没有前途的

对于 Win11 WSA 计划停止支持的看法

Note Windows Android

Rescuing data from offline sites

Dump localStorage and indexedDB when the site is inaccessible

Tutorial Web Browser

Differences in AMD P-State modes after kernel 6.3

Trying to summarise it for your info

Note Linux Power

Fix Docker 'input device is not a TTY' elegantly

Satisfy its needs instead of remove -t switch

Note Linux Shell Docker

在 2023 年评测前端静态资源公共 CDN


Tutorial Note Web

Recording + streaming on Wayland

Use OBS, WebRTC or FFMpeg kmsgrab

Note Tutorial Linux