Node.js native addon without node-gyp

600 KiB deps, any compiler, and extra methods without NAPI

Code JavaScript CPP

独立便携版 MSVC

用于测试,CI 等

Note C CPP

Standalone and portable MSVC

For testing, CI and more

Note C CPP

腾讯云安装 Fedora

使用 dd

Note Fedora Linux Cloud

优化 Git 仓库的额外提示


Note Git

Using hwmoncat, a tiny alternative to lm_sensors

Yeah, w/o lm_sensors and it's annoy dependencies

Code Linux Devices Power

Build Fedora ISO in 3 Commands

Custom for you

Tutorial Code Linux Docker

简陋的 Win on Linux 兼容方案


Tutorial Linux Windows QEMU

异步 Rust 中传统与现代的碰撞


Code Rust Async

Tradition and Modernity in Async Rust

Poll,Future,async,The conversions and compatibility

Code Rust Async