Convert Const to Let by Terser

Terser is a JavaScript optimizer for ES6+.


const is a keyword to define a unchangeable thing, it can make code stronger. But if you use const, Terser will not convert it to let. This wastes more than two chars:


const a = 1
let b = 2
const c = 3

Terser output:

const a=1;let b=2;const c=3; // 28 chars

If Terser convert const to let:

let a=1,b=2,c=3; // 16 chars

But Terser's major contributors refuse to implement this feature. Certainly, it's unsafe, but who will try to change a constant?


const Terser = require("terser");
const jsStr = "const a = 0;";
const transformer = new Terser.TreeTransformer((node) => {
  if (node instanceof Terser.AST_Const) {
    return new Terser.AST_Let(node);
const ast = Terser.parse(jsStr).transform(transformer);
const minifiedJsStr = Terser.minify(ast).code;
constle.log(minifiedJsStr); // => "let a=0;"